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August 2008
Conde Nast Traveler
Where to Stay (PDF)
Within months of leaving the prison in Los Angeles, Paris Hilton was back in jail. This time the celebutante went cheerfully, and stayed in considerable style. For the prison in question is the most happening luxury hotel in Boston. The Liberty Hotel is in the city’s old Charles Street Jail, an imposing granite building dating from 1851.

April 2008
National Geographic Traveler
Luxury Lockdown (PDF)
For the law-abiding foils who’ve always wondered what incarceration feels like, renovated historic institutions are just what the warden ordered. That curious, behind-bars mystique can be bought by the night-along with room service and flat-screen TVs. In Boston, Beacon Hill’s Charles Street Jail, which once held the Boston Strangler and Malcolm X, recently underwent a $150 million renovation and is now the Liberty Hotel, boasting 300 rooms with oversized windows, touchpad phones, and martini shakers.

March 2008
Forbes Life
Travel (PDF)
In its 139-year history, Boston’s Charles Street Jail housed is share of notable inmates; suffragettes who picketed Woodrow Wilson in favor of the 19th Amendment, a German U-boat captain who killed himself with shards from his own sunglasses, even Frank Abagnale, Jr, - the 1060s con artist played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the Film Catch Me If You Can.

January/February 2008
Checking In (PDF)
Boston believes in honoring its history (sometimes, In fact, slavishly so). Given that, it comes as no surprise that two “new” hotels in the city both have captivating back stories. The just - opened Liberty and the recently christened Taj offer guests distinct- but equally chic-experiences, each celebrating a cherished past in present-day style.

January 22, 2008
The Wall Street Journal
Boston's Beacon Hill (PDF)
As a sleek, modern development pops up along the skyline, savor Boston’s cobblestone past in one of its oldest and most walkable neighborhoods, Beacon Hill. Stroll along the picturesque Charles Street lined with independent antique shops, bookstores, boutiques, and restaurants.

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